5 Tips to Prepare for a Storm

5 Tips to Prepare for a Storm

As everyone know, we live in a tropical country and there has been numerous counts of extreme bad weather ---- heavy rains and floods. Make sure to keep these 5 tips in mind and prepare in advance to further veer away from an unprecedented incident that would involve your cute furry companion. It’s better safe than sorry!



During severe storms it may be best to take shelter in high ground or small interior room like a bathroom (if you ever had one in the 2nd floor or so on). Make sure pets are acquainted with—and comfortable in—that area of your house and will go there with you easily.



Make sure that your home is free of dangers for pets. Many people keep pest poisons lying down or kept hidden in some cabinets or rooms where they may be sheltering during the storm. Unfortunately, pets are very good at finding baits and many are all too eager to eat it out of curiosity.



Many pets have storm or firework anxiety and may be prescribed medications to help them cope. Even a simple spark of lightning could shake him/her off. Your presence will definitely keep your furry friend at ease.



Among the items, make sure to have a leashes and/or or carriers, food, medication and water which may come handy at times. Pet owners should know where favorite hiding places are for pets so they can be easily found during emergencies.


First Aid

Always be ready with your pet’s first aid kit for any injuries that may be caused by the storm.

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