6 Must know Eco-Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

6 Must know Eco-Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

  1. Use eco-friendly options to pick up poop

Check out your local pet supply store for good quality biodegradable pick-up bags if you are putting your pet feces in the garbage. Better yet, there are flushable poop bags on the market now that allow you to flush bag and contents down the toilet.

If you usually pick up in your yard with bags, consider investing in a long-handled pooper scooper‘that will allow you to collect pet droppings and put them in a biodegradable or washable and reusable container without the use of any plastic at all.


  1. Avoid plastic food and water dishes

Rather than using plastic food and water dishes, use ceramic or stainless steel. These are much easier to clean as well as being more environmentally friendly. Avoid using single-serve plastic water bottles.


  1. Donate gently-used pet items

If you have gently-used pet gear toys, leashes, collars, beds, bowls, towels, blankets that you are no longer using, donate the items to your local humane society or rescue group.


  1. Use eco-friendly grooming products

If you take your dog to a groomer, ask them to consider using environmentally-friendly grooming products if they dont already.


  1. Play with eco-friendly toys

Try recycling old clothes like t-shirts into tug toys. Or, if you want to purchase new toys, seek out companies who recycle old materials into new toys and beds.


  1. Use re-usable bags when shopping at your pet supply store

Keeping a couple of re-usable bags on the front seat of your vehicle is usually enough of a reminder to actually take them in to the store with you.


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