6 Nifty Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

6 Nifty Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Mask smells with lavender


It turns out dogs can benefit from essential oils too!

Lavender essential oils are said to soothe dogs and also help keep fleas and ticks at bay. Just apply regularly between their shoulder blades.

Additionally, it's great for on the go. Mix 10 drops with some water in a small spray bottle and     pop into your car. It'll keep your dog calm on long journeys and your car smelling fresh.


Quickly clean muddy paws/ muddy dog

The key to keeping the house clean post dog walk is to get prepared pre dog walk!

Before you head out, place a shallow tray or bowl of water and a large towel by the door. Upon your return, dip your dog's paws into the tray and then rub clean with the towel - they'll be no paw prints in sight!


Deter dogs from digging

Some dogs are sensitive to citrus so if you have a few places in the garden where you don’t want them to dig up, simply scatter some orange peels around the area.

This will keep your garden looking nice and their paws much cleaner too.


Keeping smells at bay

That 'wet dog' smell is hard to avoid, unless you know this trick, that is!

Pop a fabric softener sheet into an envelope and keep it under your dog's bed, sofa or chair cushions where your dog likes to rest to keep the area smelling clean and fresh.


Treat them to a bandana

For excessive droolers, dribblers and messy eaters, a doggy bandana is the ultimate accessory! It'll keep their drool off their fur (and your furnishings), and when it gets too wet you can just chuck it in the wash with the rest of your washing load.


Invest in easy-care throws

If you've got anything that's light-colored, you'll know how perilous it can be to have your dog near it.

Easy-care throws provide a simple solution to muddy paw prints on your soft furnishings. Scatter some throws on your bed, sofa and anywhere else your dog likes to jump onto. You can chuck them in the wash every time they get dirty and your bedding and sofa won't get ruined.


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