Lately, there are some of us who really venture out to different types of items.  Some convert to taking care of different pets. Now we can discuss the basic essentials when taking care of a fish tank. Some would think it would be a piece of cake, but little did they know, it would also take preparations.

Here are some essentials that you will be needed, and it is easily found in the

Fish Tank/ Aquarium 

Sea Quest Aquarium Crystal 60

Number 1 on the list is practically a given and it is obvious that you need a fish tank to set up a home aquarium. Some people somehow feel they can skip it. Some people use a cup, a bowl, a glass, a jar, or any containers for their new fish. It is not a good idea to use anything but a real fish tank of ideal size. Because otherwise, they will die soon.

Aquarium Filter 

XL-850 Hangon Filter 3.5w

Basic facts are knowing that no one should keep a fish in captivity without having an aquarium filter running 24/7.   To make it clear, fish will die for certain in captivity without a filter.  A filter is for biological filtration. Without it, toxic ammonia released from fish waste and leftover fish food will pollute the water and kill the fish.

Fish Food 

Sea Quest Kohaku Fish Food Baby Mix 200

A myth that some people believe is somehow people feel like they can skip it by feeding the fish foods from a human diet, such as bread and rice. It does not work that way. While some fish will try to eat whatever you give to them if they starve enough, they must eat fish food which is high in protein and fat. Carbohydrate from the bread and rice can’t sustain them. They will eventually die of malnutrition.

Air Pump 

Resun Air Pump AP 100

Another important essential is an air pump because it is a must for promoting gas exchange between the water and atmosphere. Without it, the fish won’t get enough oxygen. They will die.

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