We all know that some people are quite fond of bird watching. Here are some bird breeds that are good to be taken care at home and does not require so much heavy attention.


There are dozens of different breeds of parakeet, but the most popular by far is the budgerigar, or budgie. Pet parents also like their small stature because their size fits into most any home. Their noise level is low, they do not damage furniture and their toys are not destroyed as fast. Caring for your parakeet isn’t overly involved, another reason they are one of the best birds as pets. Parakeets need fresh water daily, and small bowls of food in the cage so they can fly from one to another. Feed your parakeet pellets mixed with a few seeds as well as fresh veggies, like carrot strips.


Did you know that this certain type of bird breed ranked among the best parrots for pets, according to the 8%  of bird parents who have one that is their findings. They come in all sizes and colors, from the smaller green-cheeked Conure down  to the larger sun and blue-crowned Conures

African Greys

A fun fact about the African Greys is that out of all the birds that can talk, the African grey is considered the best talker, which is what attracts people to own one. Aside from being the best talker, this medium-size parrot is super intelligent, charming and sociable, making it one of the best parrots for pets. But because they’re so smart, an African grey needs plenty of mental stimulation and foraging and puzzle toys that are stuffed with treats to find, shredding toys, lots of time with you is required to be spent with them.

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