All fur parents have been wanting to get an answer on this. Can covid 19 affect our pet babies? The answer is YES.

It is possible that humans and animals can share some diseases. In a recent research, there is evidence from real-world cases as well as laboratory experiments from several countries that both cats and dogs can become infected with coronavirus.

They can get the disease, but studies shown they do not show the same symptoms as expected and that just because pets get the virus does not mean they are infected.

Another question would be, can your pet spread the virus to other pets? The answer is YES. That is why this time around, our medical and science professionals should also take into consideration to incorporate these animals into their planning to contain and slow the pandemic. It is very important to know how easily the coronavirus replicates in pets and whether they can transfer it to other animals.

Lastly, the question would be Should you keep your pets in the safety of your home instead of outside?

The answer will depend on the owner. Although the chances of your pet catching the coronavirus from another animal are low, if you take your dog or cat outside, have your pets follow the same rules as everyone else, SOCIAL DISTANCING. Keep them away from other people and animals just to ensure that they can still freely roam around but with precaution.

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