Cat Fur Care

Cat Fur Care

Despite their natural talent for grooming fur, all cats, even short-haired breeds, could use a helping hand when it comes to keeping their coat in top condition. Matted fur and hairballs can easily be avoided with regular brushing, and as most cats tend to shed fur throughout the year, by helping remove any excess hair, you’ll improve the health of your feline and hopefully cut down on the amount of time spent vacuuming floors and furniture.


How to groom short-haired cats

How often: Once a week

Recommended tools: A fine-toothed comb, bristle brush or soft rubber brush

Run a fine-toothed comb through your cat’s coat from head to tail, being sure to always brush in the direction of the fur to avoid any discomfort. Concentrate on one section at a time to remove any dead hair, dirt, and debris, and take extra caution when brushing around the face and belly as the skin is particularly delicate. Remove any additional loose fur with a bristle brush or soft rubber brush to finish.


How to groom long-haired cats

How often: Every 1-3 days, depending on the length and condition of coat

Recommended tools: A wide-toothed comb, mat-splitter, bristle brush or wire brush

Starting with the legs and abdomen and working your way up to the face, use a wide-toothed comb to remove any debris which may have become tangled in your cat’s fur and separate any knots. Part the tail down the middle and gently comb through the fur on each side. Any mats in the fur can often be separated by hand with the help of a little talcum powder, however, if you’re struggling to untangle stubborn knots, try separating the fur using a mat-splitter. Finally, brush through the fur with a wire brush or bristle brush to remove any loose hairs.


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