We all know that our feline pets usually clean up after themselves by licking but we should also know that there are different shampoos and each has a purpose.


Here are some shampoo available in which offers a wide range of types for your pet needs:


Saint Gertie Cat Shampoo Sweet Embrace 250 ml



  • Effectively removes ticks, fleas and mites and prevents heavy fur shedding.
  • Soothing effect to help cats from having allergic reactions
  • Guarantees to make your cats fresh smelling for a period of 14 days - which is 3 times more than the duration of an average cat shampoo.


Our  Cat Rose Pink Shampoo


  • Soap Free
  • Unique blend of aromatic soapy scents that leaves your cat smelling fresh and clean
  • The ultimate experience in pet grooming and provides a lasting scent, healthy skin, and a shiny coat.


Bloom & Shine Dog & Cat Shampoo with Conditioner



A shampoo with conditioner that lasts its shine and fragrance. It contains natural conditioner like egg white and lanolin to promote a healthier, manageable coat that really shine. Deodorizes faster than any other shampoo.