One can consider that dogs are truly a man’s bestfriend, but did you know, that there are certain dog breeds who can also be considered training dogs to help our fellow handicapped.


Golden Retriever

Usually when you hear about service dogs, the first breed that comes in your mind is  the golden retriever.  This breed is common as a guide for the hearing and visually impaired individual, as well as for those with mobility concerns. The Golden Retriever possesses natural behavior of sympathy for the needs of his owner. They also have high intellectual capacity and very trainable in following different instructions.

Labrador Retriever

This dog breed is chosen as a service dog because it possesses the willingness to learn, be trained and be versatile. This breed is always on high alert and they have enough strength, and very interested to do lots of works and aiding their human partner. They are usually very close to their owner and remain reliable. 

German Shepherd

This breed is very jolly at times especially if the work is hard. The German shepherd usually craves for attention from their skilled trainers and creates a good relationship with every person. Because of these traits, German Shepherds are very applicable and more common to be chosen for services like police, search and rescue, and military works.