We all know that usually people would associate cars with speed. But did you know, there are certain breeds of dogs that are also up to speed like racing a car?




Anyone a fan of the ancient Greek? This breed is definitely one to be in site found in Egyptian tombs dating back almost four thousand years. The Greyhound comes in at a run with a speed of 43MPH. Known primarily for their racing background.




Also found in Ancient Egypt, this breed is a complete look alike of the Greyhound and they are also in the sighthound group. Also originating in Egypt, Salukis are bred for extreme endurance and can reach 40MPH.




Ever heard of the movie 101 Dalmatians? Well this breed originated from Croatia. These spotted dogs can run up to 37MPH. Endurance was a key trait for Dalmatians, as they were bred as carriage dogs.



Jack Russell Terrier

Do you remember the Mask’s famous little pet? Well here it is. Don’t let the size fool you, the Jack Russell Terrier was recorded at a speed of 38MPH. These swift over achievers excel at Agility and Flyball sports. Being inclined to sports keeps their mental stimulation also keeps them out of mischief.