There can never be a perfect dog if that is what you are thinking. But If you are looking to meet your dog buddy, you came to the right place. Picking out the right partner is definitely a difficult task because this will be your companion for the next 10-15 years or so. Question pops to mind is, how do you find the right canine soul mate?


Avoid Expensive Breeders

Let’s begin with the basics. Adopting a dog that is a certain breed like a Collie or better known as Lassie dog breed has certain expectations. These expectations have a greater chance of owners surrendering their dogs to shelters or giving them out to a dear friend. You shouldn’t look for a dog based on breed because you won’t be happy with your choice in the end.


Keep an Opened Mind

Keeping an opened mind will definitely help you in your search for the perfect companion. I knew in general that I was looking for a small dog, but I never refused to look at a large dog. You never know when you will find the perfect one so don’t close the door on one before they come in.


Don’t Shop Online For A Dog

A dog isn’t something to be purchased online you need to feel a connection with them before you think of spending a penny. The best way to find your match is to have a firsthand interaction with as many dogs as possible which would be almost impossible to do online.


You may be looking in the wrong place trying to find a dog on Facebook or Google and searching dog breeders near you. After looking at 10 or so different dog breeds and breeders will keep you confused on which one to adopt. You would realize that you need to take a step back and figure out what kind of dog you’re looking for.


Check out the space you live in. That would determine whether or not a small dog would fit in your small apartment or large house. While keeping an opened mind, it would help you discover your cute baby Pug or that fast running Beagle. Make sure that your personality are relatable to the type of dog you plan to get.


And after almost 10-15 years or so, you will always find that your dog companion still has all of the charisma and charm as he/she did the day you picked her up.

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