We all know how everyone loves a cute little pet. People would usually rave about owning a teacup sized pet, and a counterpart for teacup sized pets are in the feline breed which is called a Munchkin.

Here are some facts about a munchkin cat:

They are short and sweet

The Munchkin cat is a medium-sized kitty who resembles many other felines except for one very unmissable trait: short, stubby legs that conjure up visions of Corgis. As with any odd trait, the Munchkin’s short legs are the result of a genetic mutation.

Munchkin cat gets a clean bill of health

Experts have weighed in on the issue and given the Munchkin cat a clean bill of health: Aside from their short and stout legs, caused by an autosomal dominant gene that results in long bones in a cat’s legs growing shorter, they’re no different than your average housecat.

The Munchkin name actually has to do with The Wizard of Oz

Does the name Munchkin cat have anything to do with The Wizard of Oz? Yep! Kay LaFrance established a colony of Munchkins on her Louisiana plantation. As the cats reproduced, the town was full of them  resembling the munchkins from L. Frank Baum’s writings. Those short and stubby creatures became the inspiration of all this.

A Munchkin cat has a short jump

Munchkins can jump but only to an extent. Will a Munchkin cat make it onto your bedroom bookcase? Not likely. But they’re capable of making it onto kitchen counters when they feel the urge.

He may have short legs, but he’s actually fast and furious

The Munchkin’s real strength is speed. They have an insane amount of energy and a knack for speed and agility, taking corners like a furry race car and staying low to the ground to get the most traction

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