There has always been a stigma between a male having a pet dog or pet cat. The famous stigmas are:

  1. A man who is only into dogs does not work for love and chases the easy catches.
  2. A man who earns a cat's love fully understands how to earn a woman's love.

But in some researches, here are some facts as to the perks of dating a man who has a pet cat.

Men who are fond of cats are smart

In general, cat lovers tend to be nonconformists, and they usually score higher on intelligence tests compared dog lovers.

When they say, “Netflix and chill” They really just mean Netflix and chill

Cat lovers usually are the type of people who love staying in. So when they invite you over   to "Netflix and chill," they truly mean it. Their intentions are to watch a great movie and enjoy your company.

They know how to respect “moods”

Sometimes females are associated with cats because in many of the ways a typical cat asks for attention shows to be the same way as how a woman does. Cat men know how to handle women because they understand balance. Men know how to balance allowing women to have their independence and still giving them attention. They appreciate our multidimensional personalities whenever we are in one of our moods.

They understand body language

Similarities will usually arise as to how women and cats act since they usually have the same playful mindset. Cats do not show their emotions like dogs do. A cat man knows how to pick up subtle clues from his cat, and he can read yours just as well. So, the next time you say nothing is wrong, he will know what's up. Which is great because who wouldn’t want this?

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