Ever since raised the stakes of our living. It completely changed our daily routine. Most of the we usually did can no longer be done. Because of this, it has put a serious emotional strain on all of us. So for all furry pet lovers, social media feeds flooded with photos and videos of cats, dogs, and other companion animals rising to the occasion which everyone loves seeing.



Because of this quarantine situation, every human realized that pets provide nonjudgmental emotional support, she said, and studies show that “contact with pets help reduces stress and anxiety, particularly when you are experiencing a stressful situation.” Research also has shown that animals help older adults cope better with social isolation, whenever a human is being physically separated from others and with loneliness.

Pets can motivate you to do things that are good for your own mental health and activities with animals that you enjoy or that are part of your routine help bring back some degree of normalcy.



We also realize that pets will always have our backs but pets are physically present in a way that other forms of social and emotional support aren’t these days for many people, and there’s really something to having that tactile component of petting or touching a pet. So cheer up because your quarantine buddy will always have your back.