Supplies checklist for your aquatic creatures

Supplies checklist for your aquatic creatures


The bigger, the better. Believe it or not, bigger aquariums are essentially easier to care for. The more water you have, the easier it is to maintain “balance” in your environment.

filtration system 

A healthy aquarium depends on maintaining clean water, and doing so requires some means of filtering out the water to remove contaminants and purify the water.



The temperature of your aquarium is an important factor in the comfort and well-being of your fish. Unlike humans and other mammals, fish do not produce their own body heat. They must rely on the temperature of the water to maintain their body temperature. This makes it very important that you keep your aquarium at the proper temperature for your pets.



This small device is an essential piece of aquarium equipment – if you own a fish tank, then you need an aquarium thermometer. It’s that simple! You can’t check water temperature just by looking at it. That’s where your thermometer comes in. It allows you to confirm that the water inside your tank is the right temperature for your fish.



If you have a large aquarium or a small fishbowl, a fishnet can always come in handy. It is a multipurpose tool and makes your maintenance a much easier task.

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