As we purchase our puppies, we have to take into considerations that they are also babies which will also go through the teething phase and here are some symptoms which you should take not as a dog owner.

Whenever a puppy is on the phase of teething or in the process of developing healthy teeth, it is crucial to your dog’s health and being able to satisfy their natural chewing instinct can help keep them healthy throughout their lives.

When a puppy is already in the teething stage, you will notice a significant increase in chewing. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, but for many puppies, teething can put that impulse into overdrive. That’s because chewing can be a self-soothing behavior for teething puppies but it can also put your belongings at risk as they will chew on it until it satisfies their feelings.

Help your teething puppy by providing toys for them to chew. Petshop.ph offers a variety of pet toys which can help your little pup even if you are in a budget.

Michiko Flat Bone Aqua Purple (PHP 184.75)

Michiko Puppy Teething Rope Green (PHP 204.75 )

Michiko Puppy Teething Rope Green

Michiko Paci Chew Blue Medium (PHP 154.75)

Michiko Paci Chew Blue Medium