As you may know, food is a very powerful motivator for our little furry friends — which is why it can often be very effective for obedience training. Taking home that cute furry companion of yours for the first time may need a little adjustment for you. Training them is the first.

You are asking your dog to complete what may be a complicated task for him/her — take the patience to understand a verbal or visual cue and then perform a desired behavior. This may seem straightforward and plain simple to you, but pets don’t communicate this way naturally.

By harnessing the power of something that is very primal to them — food — you can make learning the task much easier for them and you.

Here are a few tips for approach maximizing the power of pet treats:



It’s easy to overdo it with treats, particularly while you are training. Help ensure your dog maintains his weight by using small treats or even pieces of treats. Below are some treats for tricks.


Using pet treats during dog or cat training is not more like bribery than training. Trust me, treats should be looked at in the same light as your paycheck. Even if you have a job you truly love, and a great boss, chances are if you stop getting a paycheck, you're going to stop showing up for work. Treats are your pet's paycheck. They are simply a means of making sure your dog shows up eager to work when it's time for a training session.



Remember, you are reinforcing whatever behavior preceded the treat, so don’t unintentionally reward hyperactive behavior. Wait until your dog is in the right frame of mind to give it.




Having trouble getting your dog to pay attention to the food? It may be because there’s something more interesting in the environment, such as whirring cars, fluffy pillows, or playing children. Find a place where your dog’s focus will be on you and that tasty treat.

Of course, some pets are more food-oriented than others. If food doesn’t capture your dog’s attention, toys and your affection may work instead. For those who do have a big appetite for a tasty treat, always opt for a healthy and yummy incentive for them.


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