Here are some facts that you can consider before making the purchase.

As a beginner, some might think that turtles may seem like low-maintenance pets, but those about to rush out and bring one home should consider that they require years of specialized care and you should be fully knowledgeable. Turtles can also transmit disease. Like all wildlife, these reptiles belong in their respective natural habitats.

Turtles can carry a disease called Salmonella (some might think this is just gotten from eating raw food) Salmonella isn't just a food-borne illness; turtles and other reptiles carry salmonella bacteria, which can be easily transmitted to people. A small turtle may seem harmless, giving parents a false sense that they're a safe pet for children.

Another fact is that turtles are often marketed as low-maintenance pets, but the truth behind all that is that they need special care and a lot of room to grow. You can never be too complacent with a “low maintenance” pet.  Turtles will not survive in a small dish with a plastic palm tree. They need other things and quite a bigger room rather than just a small dish. They need the right lighting, temperature and water filtration system. Countless of pet turtles die from being kept in inadequate conditions. 

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