What ingredients should I look for in a cat treat?

Just like you do with your cat’s everyday food, you may want to consider providing your cat treats which are “complete and balanced.” These treats will have the combination of nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to be healthy and balanced.

Treats that aren’t complete and balanced should account for no more than 10% of a cat’s total daily calorie intake as these will dilute your cat’s daily nutrient intake. You should also be on the lookout for treats with high amounts, of salt and sodium, as they may cause trouble for your cat

Can certain cat treats help with health conditions?

While some treats claim to be good for your cat’s teeth by reducing tartar and preventing gingivitis. There are certain cat foods designed to help prevent or manage certain health conditions in your cat. If your cat is on a therapeutic cat food or is eating a special food, it’s important to make sure that their treats follow the same nutritional guidelines as their dry or wet foods. offers these 3 type of cat treats which your pet will surely love


  1. Pet One Wild Salmon Steak For Cat 22G
  2. Zenith Cat Hairball Salmon & Chicken 
  3. Bowwow Hairball Cat Fish Jerky 

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