In a previous article, we have discussed the pros and cons of using wet or dry food for cats. Now let us discuss further with every dog pet owner out there. Times now as GCQ is going to surface, online shops will still be one of the targets. It is best to be a smart buyer. So, here are some facts before you purchase some items from petshop.ph.

As we all know it has been a given that our pet dogs, especially puppies can be picky eaters. Because of wet canned dog food, the consistency and smell, it is more palatable for dogs. It’s also less processed, which means that it more closely resembles proteins in their natural state. There is less process when making it to remove the main nutrients it can give dogs. Wet dog food contains more water, making it more hydrating than dry food. This is extremely helpful for dogs prone to dehydration or those that just don’t drink enough water. We all know we cannot force our dogs to keep drinking lots of water. So, having wet canned dog food is a lot of help.

Now for the dry dog food it seems to be the more popular option because it is the practical and safe choice for most dog food owners because of its lower price tag and convenience. This type of dog food is easier to travel and store anywhere and it also doesn’t go bad when left out as opposed to wet dog food with some shelf life. So you can bring it anywhere, leave it anywhere, and even leave it out for your pup to return to. The hard texture also helps maintain healthy.

dental hygiene for dogs, while also being much less messy. Packed full of carbs and protein, hard dog food is also more energy dense than wet dog food.

Both wet dog food and dry dog food are both great choices for your pup. The choice between the two is mostly a matter of diet or taste preference. You should always check with a vet before changing up your dog’s diet immediately, especially if they have any sensitivities.

Here are some dog foods readily available in petshop.ph which is within the budget and is below PHP 250 for you dog owners to purchase while in the comfort of your homes:

Pedigree Simmer Beef Loaf with Vegetable php 34.75

Pedigree Simmer Beef Loaf with Vegetable 130g

Vitality Valuemeal Adult Small Bite php 129.75

Vitality Valuemeal Adult Small Bite 1kg

Pedigree 5 Kinds of Meat PHP 89.75

Pedigree 5 Kinds of Meat 400g

Zenith Soft Dog Food Lamb and Chicken Blue PHP 149.75

Zenith Soft Dog Food Lamb and Chicken Blue

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