Your dog, the next Instagram icon!

Your dog, the next Instagram icon!

There have been a huge amount of iconic doggies over the Instagram platform followed by millions of netizens. Now, how do you make your cute furry friend the next doggy Instagram icon? Simply follow some tips below:


  1. Think about what makes your dog unique.

What makes your dog stand out and leave a lasting impression? If its not a physical attribute, consider your dogs cute antics or moments that make you laugh. More than anything, social media is a fast-paced place for you to share what you truly adore about your dog with the world.


  1. Consistent Posting.

Don’t go overboard with 30 identical photos of your dog in a short span of time, but if you want to grow a steady and consistent following, stick to one or two posts a day. Test timing windows to determine the optimal time for you to put up photos for the most engagement.


  1. Practice taking photos.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! The fun part of being a “stage mom” or “stage dad” for your Insta-pup is that it gives you an excuse to create shots and go on impromptu adventures with your best furry friend. Play around with natural lighting, capture your dogs unexpected smiles, and unleash the inner artist within you!


  1. Photo editing? No Problem!

You can stick to Instagram for all your photo needs. If you are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, worry not, there are tons of nifty apps out there that can help you capture and create awesome pics people will want to share.


  1. Maximize the power of #hashtags.

Some say you can go overboard with hashtags, but especially when youre starting out, theyre a great way to get noticed. Jump onto #tongueouttuesday, for example, with your dogs own adorable grin. Get familiar with #doggos and #pupperinos, as well as non-dog-related hashtags that apply. #cute is always a great one!


  1. Engage with your Insta-community.

Follow others who follow you. Take a few moments during the day, every day, to like, share, and comment on accounts of other dogs. At very least, it gives you an excuse to enjoy plenty of cute dog goodness.


  1. Use the platform for good.

The best part about pets on social media? When thousands upon thousands of people are commenting and liking your pup’s photos, you have the power to change lives!


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