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6pcs Pedigree Meat Jerky Roasted Lamb Flavor 80g Dog Treats, Soft Chew

6pcs Pedigree Meat Jerky Roasted Lamb Flavor 80g Dog Treats, Soft Chew

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  • Dog treats, soft chew
  • Bundle of 6pcs.
  • Size: 80g
  • Flavor: Roasted lamb
  • Expiry: Shelf life 18-24 months


  • Meat jerky roasted lamb flavor share moments of happiness and joy with your dog with pedigree meat jerky.
  • The perfect combination of great tasting real meat and soft chewy texture make it special treat to share every day.
  • The meat jerky is perfect for all breed of dogs and comes in a palatable roasted lamb flavor, which is liked by all dogs.
  • This helps to exercise the jaw and helps to maintain good teeth.
  • This can be enjoyed by all dogs once they are over four months of age.
  • This can be extremely useful for pesky pets as a reward.
  • This is extremely safe for all your pets and does not get stuck in the teeth that can give rise to plaque.


  • Nutritional analysis - Protein: min 24%
  • Fat: min 1%
  • Fiber: max 10%
  • Moisture: max 20%
  • Feeding guidelines
  • Large dog: 4 pcs./day, medium dog: 2 pcs./ day, small dog: 1 pcs./day


  • Storage - Store in cool dry place.
  • Palatable Roasted Lamb flavor.
  • Perfect as a reward or treat.
  • Builds stronger teeth.
  • Life stage - Dog above 4 month of age.
  • Suitable for - All breed.
  • Ingredients : Starch (tapioca, wheat), gluten (wheat, mize)
  • Glycerine, poultry liver powder (natural poultry flavor), minerals, preservatives, flavor, food coloring.
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