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Aristo Cats Yi Hu

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Aristo Cats Yi HU Sardines and Chicken In Jelly 400g

Aristo Cats Yi HU Sardines and Chicken In Jelly 400g

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  • Cat food
  • Size: 400g
  • Flavor: Sardines and Chicken In Jelly
  • Expiry: Shelf life 18-24 months
  • Cat foods are considered to be complete nutritional meals, which means that they have been tested to meet the AAFCO nutrition standards.
  • Cats are well-known to be fussy eaters, but fret not as Aristo-Cats has ensured that only the freshest and high-quality ingredients have been used in their recipes, guaranteeing hearty and savoury meals.
  • A Complete Nutritional Meal Your Cat Will Love!
  • Freshest Raw Materials
  • Vitamin Enriched
  • Our cat Food is manufactured using the freshest raw materials direct from the ocean.
  • Jelly that is included are produced with our unique recipes that all cats, even the fussy ones are tempted.


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