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Aviano Bionic Science Pox and Wound Cream 8g

Aviano Bionic Science Pox and Wound Cream 8g

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  • Size: 8g
  • Avaiano pox and wound cream is a topical solution which has anti-viral, Antiseptic, Antibacteria, Antiparasitic and Insect Repellent
  • properties specific to avian species.
  • It is a combination of different natural materials and raw materials particularly designed to combat viral, bacterial and fungal infection affecting avain species.

  • Uses:
  • Control and treatment of pox (bulutong) infection, open wounds and incisions, burns, blisters, comb and lobe trimming, skin damage and infections, parasite infested and prone areas, post surgical preparations.

  • Direction:
  • (For pox infection)
  • Apply directly on scrab formation twice (2x) daily for seven to ten (7-10) days or until the scab formation subsides.
  • (For open wound or incision) clean affected area well.
  • Tap with clean sheet of cloth or cotton and allow to dry.
  • Apply sufficient amount of cream on affected area to cover its surface.
  • Use once daily for 7 days until the wound is dry and there are no signs of skin inflammation.
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