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Bio Ring Glass 850G

Bio Ring Glass 850G

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Bio-Ring Glass 850g
For clear water and healthy fish. Effective breakdown of harmful substances. Highly productivity be reused a number of times.
1. Made from natural silicate at a high temperature. It is stable chemical characteristics accord woth the primitive living environment of microorganisms
2. The diameter of the pores range from 60 to 300um which is very close to the pores of loose soil. Its space structure is optimal for microorganisms colonization and growth
3. Solid quality. Absence of toxins; harmless t aquatic species
4. The multi porus structure provides a 6 to 8 ime larger surface compared to other ordinary bio-rings
5. The high adhesion densiy of microorganisms contributes to the best filtering effect
its highly penetrative and porous structure enables the anerobic nitrifying bacteria to procees nitrification and anaerobic denitrification
6. Functioning with mechanical filter materials can prolong its life durability
7. Best for a variety of filtration systems such as submersible, canister, dry-wet and top filters
8. Best for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

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