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Cozy Cat Sand Coffee 5L

Cozy Cat Sand Coffee 5L

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Cozy Cat Sand Coffee 5L
Fresh and Clean scent
Super Clumping
The clumps of Cozy Cat litter after absorption cat urine is very compact and will not break when falling from height of 100cm.
Quick Absorption
Cozy cat litter quickly absorbs urine and form clumps in order to maintain the cleanliness of cat litter boxes.
99.99% Dust FREE Cozy Cat Litter is a "99.99% Dust FREE" product which is important for cat owners.
100% Natural
Cozy Cat litter is made from bentonite clay which is 100% natural.
Silica Beads Added
The natural fresh scent of silica beads provides fresh smell to Cozy Cat cat Litter.
Available in Different Flavors
Coffee, Lavender, Apple, Lemon, Baby Powder Scent

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