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Doggyman 94200 Anti-bacterial Wet Tissue Jar 50pcs

Doggyman 94200 Anti-bacterial Wet Tissue Jar 50pcs

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Doggyman Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissue Jar 50pcs
Natural Make Up Series-canned Wet Tissue 50pcs
Tissue size 150*200mm


  • Anti-bacteria
  • Safe and widely applicable
  • Spanish bayonet extract removes bad smell All naturals ingredients keep pets clean and healthy.

Water,moisturizing factor, Spanish bayonet(Common yucca) extract, Preservative, surfactant.

  • Stop using it if any allergy or injury occurring to your dog
  • Don't leave the product within children's reach
  • Non-soluble product.
  • Beware of dog tearing the tissue apart and swallow it by mistaken.
  • Not for the insect or amphibians

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