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Doggyman Ferment Chicken Biscuit in Jar (Z0816) 680g

Doggyman Ferment Chicken Biscuit in Jar (Z0816) 680g

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Doggyman Ferment Chicken Biscuit in Jar 680g
* Ferment Biscuit-Chicken Flavor * Shelf Life 21 Months
* Expiration Dates See the Seal * Do not feed dogs younger than 2 months of age
* Avoid direct sunlight, store at room Temperature
* The deoxidizer is non-edible
* Adjust feeding amount according to breeds, different weight and health condition
* Any discomfort happens, please take your pet to a veterinarian.
* Wheatmeal, Yeast, Soft sugar, Palm oil, Whole milk powder, Corn meal, Wheat bran powder, Chicken grains, Yeast extract, Beef extract,
Guaranteed Analysis:
* Crude Protein, Minimum: 8.5%
* Crude Fat, Minimum: 7.0%
* Crude Fibre, Maximum: 3%
* Crude Ash, Maximum: 4.5%
* Moisture, Maximum: 10.5%
* 413kcal per 100g
Feeding Method:
Size Daily amount
Miniature dogs 1-4pcs
Small-sized dogs 4-8pcs
Medium-sized dogs 8-13pcs
Large-sized dogs 13-20pcs

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