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Doggyman Soft Biscuit with Vegetable (82280) 120g

Doggyman Soft Biscuit with Vegetable (82280) 120g

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Contains lactic acid bacteria, a representative of good bacteria, oligosaccharides that nourish and promote growth, and dietary fiber that absorbs water, well and pushes stool.

Supports maintenance of stomach health.

The dough is rich in sweet and gentle milk scent is baked to a crispy light texture.

It is delicious for everyday snacks and rewards.

Contains Yucca extract, which absorbs stool odor, and calcium that forms teeth and bones. 


For pet dogs more than 2 months old

Target: Snacks for all breeds (ultra-small dogs, small dogs, medium-sized dogs, large dogs)



* Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, vegetables (spinach carrots, pumpkin), yeast, milk (milk powder, sugar- free, condensed milk), chicory extract (dietary fiber,

oligosaccharide), lactic acid bacteri, glycerin, swelling agent, mineral, coloring agent

antioxidant ( Vitamin E ) Yucca extract, colorant ( sodium), perfume

(calcium propionate)



* Crude Protein Minimum: 6.0%

* Crude Fat Minimum: 5.5%

* Crude Fiber Maximum: 1.5%

* Crude Ash Maximum: 3.5%

* Moisture Maximum: 20.0%


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