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Doggyman Wooden Training Toy (85623) IQ Acorn

Doggyman Wooden Training Toy (85623) IQ Acorn

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  • Doggyman wooden training toy IQ acorn
  • Doggyman training toys are made from the finest natural wood.


  • The designed of this toys are intended to enhance your pet's IQ at the same time eliminate stress and boredom.
  • Bring this toy when travelling with your pets to promote bonding time and to lessen stress and boredom.
  • Training your dog can be a challenge, but with the doggyman wooden training toy, you can teach your pup to do tricks with ease.
  • With this toy, you can teach your dog to do these tricks on command.
  • Your dog will learn to listen to you and do what you ask, making it easier to keep your dog in line.


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