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Dono Disposable Diapers Super Absorbent Large 12pcs

Dono Disposable Diapers Super Absorbent Large 12pcs

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  • Size: Large
  • Waist: 34 - 54cm
  • Set of 12pcs


  • Eliminates messes from females in season and untrained puppies.
  • For excitable urination and incontinence in pets.
  • Convenient stick-on tabs to make things quick and easy.
  • Ideal for preventing messy stains in homes or vehicles during travel.
  • Pet diaper securely fits and ensures your pet's comfortability when worn.

  • Materials: Super absorbent polymer, wooden pulp, magic tape, elastic waistline, non-woven film.

  • Breed types posted are estimates only. Remember to measure your pet for the paw-fect fit.

  • We suggest to choose the next size up if the measurement is over the maximum range in the smaller size, or if your dog has a thick coat, broader chest or wider underside. Every pet is different.

  • Directions: With adjustable tabs on bottom, slip the hole of the diaper over your pet's tail.
  • Position the garment between the back legs and snug against the underside of your pet.
  • Bring the adjustable tabs up toward your pet's back and position for a secure fit.

  • Warning: Do not allow your pet to chew or tear the diaper.
  • Discard in a trash can when used, torn or unsealed.
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