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Double Bio Sponge

Double Bio Sponge

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1) The sponge filters are made of excellent and perfect materials; it can be reused for long time.
2) The sponges of filter are designed by multilayer principle, it has large surface, which will not cause blockage and could be wash easily.
3) When using in filter system, the sponge filter will not cause any noise pollution.
4) When using air stone which will produce air supply for the aquarium tank, it will increase oxygen level in the tank.
5) The sponge filter had gone through tough test in all expected situation for the perfect quality.
6) The sponge filter is suitable for all Freshwater fishes, like Discus, Tetras, Guppy, Arowana, Betta and Etc.
Where the names of parts described as follows:
1) Air Duct
2) Water-air flow output manifold
3) Right-angle Duct
4) Air Effusion Chamber
5) manifold Adaptor, Cap
6) Sucker
7) Three-way cock
8) Bio-chem filter sponge
9) Bio-chem filter Cartridge
10) Bio-chem filter Cap
Hints for successful operation
* Soak the sponge in the aquarium water for 5 minutes before use will help nitrifying bacteria colonise easier.
* Always use aquarium water to rinse clean the sponge, never use hot water."

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