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Gold Medal Pets

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Gold Medal Pets Clean Eyes 118ml

Gold Medal Pets Clean Eyes 118ml

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Gold Medal Clean Eyes 118ml

  • Soothing and Eye Solution
  • Gentle Formula for sensitive eyes
  • For clean bright eyes
  • Cleansing & Flushing
  • Sterile Ophthalmic Irrigating Solution for Eyes
  • This mild irrigating solution gently flushes away foreign matter and relieves eye irritation caused by wind, dust, dirt, air pollution, pollen, ragweed, hair clippings and other irritants that can cause itching
  • Buffered Solution for Sensitive Eyes
  • Flush Away Foreign Matter
  • Cleanse Irritation from Wind, Dust, Dirt, Ragweed

Flushing and irrigating solution to relieve irritation and discomfort caused by foreign objects,fried mucus, hair clip pins, dust, dirt, pollen, ragweed, or other irritants which can cause itching. For use on animals only

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