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LED-60M Led Lamp 8w

LED-60M Led Lamp 8w

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* Energy Saving
* Cool Operation
* Super Slim Housing
* Ideal for Aquarium Use
* Extendable Bracket
* 2 Mode Switch
* Splash Guard
* Power: 8w
* Size: 57.2cm
* Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60Hz
* Suitable for Aquarium: 60-70cm
1) Check the voltage of nameplate for lamp body is consistent with the actual voltage befor use the product.
2) Pull out the power plug, cut off the power supply when installing or removing lamp body for safety.
3) Please protect the lamp body, such as a serious collision, please check the lamp body is broken, such as rupture, please immediately stop using.
4) The product is strictly prohibited wet water for ensure safety.

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