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Floory boost

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New Born Animal Care, FloryBoost Pet For New Born 15ml

New Born Animal Care, FloryBoost Pet For New Born 15ml

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  • High quality
  • Size: 15ml
  • Type: FloryBoost pet for new born
  • Reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorder during period of, and recovery from acurate diarrhea.


  • FloryBoost Pet soothes the gut lining.
  • It also brings prebiotics, probiotics, electrolytes and energy, that helps to maintain intestinal microflora balance and  intestinal tract health.
  • FloryBoost Pet is an easy to administer gel.


  • Uses:
  • To prevent feed borne diarrheas (feed transition, travels)
  • Alongside conventional treatment in case of digestive upsets.


  • Directions for use: 
  • Administration mode: Direct oral application
  • Introduce the nozzle toward the back of the puppy’s tongue and administer the dose.


  • Per day:
  • 1 dose as soon as possible.
  • Renew within the day.
  • Administer orally for 3 days or according to your specialist  advice.


  • Dose:
  • Cats: 2ml
  • Toy and small dogs (weight <10 kg): 2ml
  • Medium dogs (11< weight < 25kg): 4ml
  • Tall dogs (26 < weight < 40 kg BW): 6ml
  • Giant dogs (weight >40kg): 8ml
  • Double the dose in case of severe diarrhea.
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