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Nutri Science

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Nutri Science Feed Enhacer 300mL

Nutri Science Feed Enhacer 300mL

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Nutri Science Feed Enhacer 300mL
For a healthier and Happier Pet
Digestive Enzyme for dogs (Treats 210 cups of dog food)
*Shinier coat
*Increase Appetite
*Better Nutrient Absorption
*Improve Energy Level
*Enhance Gut Probiotic
Nutriscience Feed Enhancer is composed of a high performance broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula specifically for dogs to offset the loss of natural enzymes, processed pet foods. Without these natural enzymes, processed pet food become harder to digest
Undigested foods in breeding grounds for undesirable bacteria in the large intestine, known to cause infections, illnesses and degenerative diseases
Nutri Science Feed Enhacer is designed for daily use to aid digestion and support a normal immune system. It allows the animal to digest and utilize nutrients properly to maintain resilient health without exhausting their own body to produce excessive digestive enzymes

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