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Our Pet

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Our Pet Chamois

Our Pet Chamois

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43x32cm (S) / 66x43cm (L)

Super Absorbent and Soft, Suitable for all furry pets

First Time Use:

Soak Pet Chamois in water for a few minutes. For faster softening, use hot water. Do not bend dry Pet Chamois as it may break.

Normal Use:

Simply remove Pet Chamois from the canister and wipe over your pet until dry. When your pet chamois feels heavy and full, just wring it our and keep drying.

Caring with your pet chamois:

Following use, simply rinse the chamois with clean water and wring it out. Then roll and fold it into the Pet Chamois canister with the lid tightly closed for the next time. If the Pet Chamois becomes dry and hard, soak it in water until it becomes soft again.

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