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PAC-60 Airpipe

PAC-60 Airpipe

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Plastic air curtain is the new type air divider with new design. The plastic air curtain made of environmentally-friendly material is durable and non-toxic, and can be used for all kinds of aquariums.When using the plastic air-curtain, please connect the inlet air tubing to the end of the plastic air crtain in L shape. The inlet air tubing can be also connected to the middle of plastic air curtain in T-shape. You can connect the air curtain to the desired length to change the air outlet number and the air oulet range. The suction cup can be used to fix the plastic air curtain on the desired location in the aquarium. The plastic air curtain can be circumrotated to adjust the air flow direction . It is easy to adjust it and it can give the fish a nice environment.

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