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Pedigree Simmer Beef Loaf with Vegetable 130g Dog Food

Pedigree Simmer Beef Loaf with Vegetable 130g Dog Food

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  • Flavor: Beef loaf flavor with vegetables
  • Size: 130g 
  • Expiry: Shelf life 18-24 months  


  • Simmered beef loaf flavour in gravy with vegetables.
  • Great amount of protein for strong muscles.
  • With omega 6 and zinc for healthy skin and coat.
  • Calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth.
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals for body system to work effectively.


  • 100% complete and nutritionally balanced food for dogs.
  • Each recipe is formulated and backed by experts at the waltham centre for pet Nutrition to provide your pet dog with all the nourishment he needs.
  • The distinct needs of dogs and the various nutrients essential for their growth are met through the wide range of pet food that we offers.


  • Ingredients: Chicken by product, beef offal, chicken, wheat flour, minerals, carrot, green bean, dietary fiber, soy bean oil, gravy, flavour, vitamins, amino acid, coloring agents, flavor.
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