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Pedigree Small Breed Grill Liver 1.5kg

Pedigree Small Breed Grill Liver 1.5kg

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Pedigree Small Breed Grill Liver 1.5kg
*Pedigree everything we do is for the love of dogs. That's why were develop recipes to provide fogs the 5 signs of Good Health such as healthy skin & coat, strong bones & teeth, firm stool quality, strong muscles, and cheerfulness.
*We understad the need of small dogs which is different from their unique physical composition.
*Pedigree Small Breed contains an optimal blend of Omega 6 + Zinc to promote healthier and shiner coat visible within 6 weeks additional 23 vitamins & minerals for healhty immunity system to keep your dogs in great condition and be shown by 5 signs of good healthy.
*Keep your dogs healthy from inside and outside shown by shiner coat with Pedigree Small Breed every day.

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