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Pup's Gain

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Pup's Gain Plus 400g

Pup's Gain Plus 400g

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Pup's Gain Plus Vitality-Boosting Formula for growing Puppies 400g
Directions for feeding:
1) All puppies should receive PGP mixture from 4 weeks to one year of age.
2) Each mixture should be enough for 6-8 puppies.
3) Supplement at least two to three times a day.
4) The daily feeding amount should be divided into equal portions for each feeding.
5) Young and/ or weak puppies should be fed every 3 to 4 hours. Older puppies can do well being fed every 8 hours.
Indication: As a transitional supplement from milk to solid diet to support the gut health and improve the body growth, development and immunity of growing puppies.

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