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Saint Roche

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Saint Roche Hooman Conditioner Sweet Embrace 198ml Skin and Coat for Your Dogs

Saint Roche Hooman Conditioner Sweet Embrace 198ml Skin and Coat for Your Dogs

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  • High quality
  • Size: 198ml
  • Scent: Sweet embrace 


  • Saint roche is made from mild ingredients that are gentle and safe for your dogs. It cleans, deodorizes and cares for the skin and coat of your dogs.
  • Saint roche also includes fragrances formulated for that long-lasting effect to keep you.
  • When humans tested saint roche products on themselves, they were amazed by the effect and encouraged saint roche to create an edition for humans.


  • This is the exact same formula used for dogs but enhanced with more extracts that will do more wonders for the human hair.
  • Formulated by dog lovers for humans
  • Keratin protein that will provide your hair with strength, thickness and support rapid growth. 
  • Cruelty-free snail mucin that will hydrate and seal the moisture
  • Collagen is responsible for the repair of damage hair.
  • Also known to prevent hair damage and graying of the hair.
  • Argan oil repairs and softens the hair while naturally increasing elasticity.
  • Aloe vera loaded with vitamins and minerals and promotes thicker hair and rapid growth.
  • Avocado provides long-lasting deep hydration.
  • Contains saponin which prevents hair fall and treat itchy scalp.


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