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Saint Roche

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Saint Roche Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo Philia 1029ml

Saint Roche Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo Philia 1029ml

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  • High quality
  • Size: 1029ml
  • Type: Dog shampoo
  • Scent: Philia


  • This is the kind of love that transcends the difference between us humans and dogs.
  • Dog shampoo provides the deepest and most meaningful care we can provide our dogs.
  • It contains the most potent and most effective active ingredients source from all over the world.
  • It is formulated without any consideration of the cost.


  • These oil extracts combined together will help deliver the super smooth and conditioning effects of the shampoo as well as complete removal of ticks, fleas and mites.
  • They will also help remove and ward off unpleasant odor while helping prevent bacterial ang fungal infections and diseases.


  • Directions of use: Apply dog shampoo, leave for 5-12 minutes, rinse and blow dry.


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