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Singen Nutritional Supplement ND5 Basicare Paste 120g for Dogs

Singen Nutritional Supplement ND5 Basicare Paste 120g for Dogs

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  • Size: 120g
  • Immunity
  • Full nutrition
  • Energy


  • Is the best nutritional supplement designed for dogs.
  • It is easy to absorb and administer due to the paste formula and the high palatability. 
  • It is recommended for weak, sick, growing, pregnant, lactating, senior, before and after vaccination, environment changes or stressed dogs.
  • Vitamins and essential amino acids may be insufficient due to external or physiological conditions. 
  • BasiCare Paste supplies dogs with vitamins and essential amino acids which cannot be synthesized in their bodies. 
  • The formula helps improve physiological function and regular immunity.


  • Nutritional analysis
  • Crude protein 9%
  • Crude fat 9%
  • Moisture 10%
  • Calories 457
  • Kcal/100g


  • Usage:
  • Put it in your fingertip, take directly or with meals (1cm=0.5g)
  • Body weight recommended daily usage
  • 5kg 4cm
  • 5-15kg 8cm
  • 16-25 16cm
  • 25kg 20cm


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