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Special Effects Carbon 1000g

Special Effects Carbon 1000g

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This one carbon is magnetism active carbon, chief eliminate water impurity moreover strenghten take in effect, moreover chief eliminate water aquatic plants as well as amonia, able to do sth. rapid eliminate. Resolve 4 hour no matter, water quality, aquatic plants , at once eliminate, comprise colored water quality, for instance mether blue, yellow medicine.
Using Methods:
1. Open box and packing , and after rinse off gently shake, and powdered carbon fall.
2. The best placed in sink end or filter cotton, can increase the activity of bamboo carbon use effect using life.
3. Using drugs or residual chlorine water besides filtering smel, Filter color about 2-5 days can use, generally about 1-2 use a month
4. Rinse with water dried naturally can be reused.
5. Use drug theraphy fish or grasses cylinder sustainable use. Please remove carbon fertilizer or filtration material absorption.
* Besides color deodorization.
* Purification stable quality.
* Health Anti-bacterial

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