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Catsan Ultra Cat litter 10L

Catsan Ultra Cat litter 10L

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  • Size: 10Liters


  • Catsan Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is a quality cat litter made from naturally occurring Sodium Bentonite.
  • A hygienic, handy and effective answer to controlling odor. When wet, the clay particles quickly absorb moisture and odors and form small well-defined clumps.


  • These clumps are easily removed prolonging the life of the litter while leaving the tray clean and fresh.
  • If pet waste is removed daily, the remaining litter need not be discarded.
  • Ultra deodorizing action effectively controls unpleasant odor.
  • Ultra absorbency it absorbs cat waste quickly and completely ensuring the litter is an unfriendly environment for bacteria.
  • Ultra clumping performance is to cleans easier, leaving no stain marks, help control dust and tracking.


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