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XL-1200UV9 UV with Powerhead 9w

XL-1200UV9 UV with Powerhead 9w

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* This product adopts the water pump and the UV lamp split combination design, the water pump is equipped with suction basket, can absorb the surface oil to ensure that the water surface cleaning.
* The UV lamp products are sheathed protection, prevent ultraviolet radiation damage to human body and eyes; sheath and circulating water pump combination makes all through the UV lamp ultraviolet irradiation, sterilization.
* Waterproof system of UV light selects the high quality silicon rubber double sealing treatment, can withstand the pressure impact greatly without water leakage, allowing you to use more assured.
* This product adopts the quartz glass tube manufacturing, huigh temperature resistant, radiation resistant, durable.
* Character design ingenious, with sterilization, oil absorption, water circulation, oxygen, pumping function: with external ballast, clean simple.
* Light, seawater application
* UV Power: 9w
* Power: 20w
* F. Max: 1200l/h
* H. Max: 1.2m
* Voltage: 220V 50-60Hz

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