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Zenith Chicken Breast & Brown Rice for Small Breed (2031) 300g

Zenith Chicken Breast & Brown Rice for Small Breed (2031) 300g

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Zenith 2031 Grain-Free Soft Premium Food Chicken Breast & Brown Rice 300g (Small Breed)
This product is made with fresh raw meat and rice which is based on our unique manufacturing method.this is our nations first raw meat added semi-moist pet food plus, it has a soft texture that makes easy for your dog to digest and is excellent for its vitality
* This product contains chdroitin and glucosamine that could help your dogs joint and bone health.
* This product contains beta-glucan that could help your dogs immune,we have added coconut oil,levan(dietary fiber)to help your dog live a healthy life.
* Medium chain fatty acids and L-carnitine is added to prevent obesity in your dog,it to help reduce cholesterol.
* Yucca extract is added to zenith to reduce the smell of feces of the dog.
Feeding Instruction:
* ZENITH is soft semi-moisture food, so you do not need to soak it into water like other dry products
* Divide the daily feeding recommendation and feed your pet 2-4 times a day.
* Always provide enough fresh water for your pets.
* When changing your pet food, transit it gradually over at least 7 days
* Don't feed to other animals.
* Keep out reach of children
* Sometimes white or black spots can be appeared on the surface, but that are the composition of meat So there is no need to worry about feeding it.
* Keep this food in a cool and dry place.Consume this food as soon as possible after opening bag.

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